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Market Segments

Media consumption habits have changed, consumers built an invisible fence around themselves, stopping interruptions and making it hard for advertisers to get in. Giggle does not interrupt what the viewers are watching, Giggle is what the viewers are watching, allowing advertisers to target receptive audiences across multiple market segments.

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Food & Beverage

  • Locations626
  • Weekly Footfall1,020,636
  • Gender51%
  • AgeGen X, Millennial, Gen Z/Boomer

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Retail & Convenience

  • Locations189
  • Weekly Footfall308,147
  • Gender60%
  • AgeMillennial, Gen Z, Gen X

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Petrol & Mechanical

  • Locations95
  • Weekly Footfall154,889
  • Gender61%
  • AgeGen X, Millennial, Boomer/Silent

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Medical & Dental

  • Locations136
  • Weekly Footfall221,736
  • Gender58%
  • AgeBoomer Gen X Silent

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Health & Beauty

  • Locations69
  • Weekly Footfall112,498
  • Gender62%
  • AgeMillennial, Gen X, Boomer

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  • Locations65
  • Weekly Footfall105,977
  • Gender57%
  • AgeMillennial, Gen Z, Gen X

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