When people look up from their phones, we are what they see.


Giggles secret formulae is a regularly refreshed playlist of 65% humorous content, peppered with 35% advertising to gain viewers and hold their attention during the commercial messages.

The human attention span is shrinking. Giggle plays to short attention spans by taking advantage of video and motion graphics to hold engagement, allowing us to extend the sweet spot and provide 15-20seconds of engagement to deliver your message. Giggle holds the viewers attention an average of 2:38min

Giggle employed the services of Cenique USA to measure visitor engagement using facial recognition tools placed on selected Giggle screens.

With the help of Giggle’s ‘sticky content’ which is designed to hold a viewer’s attention, 58% of a business’s visitors engage with the Giggle screen.

 94% viewers surveyed would watch again. Giggle achieves this by providing a constantly fresh source of uplifting moments in a world that has become cluttered with bad news.

Waiting is frustrating, whether for one minute or one hour, we can fix that. In fact, perceived wait time is reduced by up to 50% for businesses who host a Giggle screen. Advertise to viewers who are happy, rather than frustrated when they receive your message.

Giggle screens are found in every neighbourhood, at your local businesses, intersecting with people every day, with over 1.6million visitors to Giggle locations every week.

Our host businesses provide a visitor count by looking at transaction counts, and as many businesses have more than one person per transaction, Giggle may be one of the only advertising platforms whose numbers are understated